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”The Hall of Faithfulness - Daniel and the Lions Den”

Daniel 6:6-24


Daniel is definitely one to model after. His faith and devotion to God was unwavering. He refused to defile himself with King Nebuchadnezzar’s food and wine, and requested only vegetables and water. After King Belshazzar’s death, Darius became the king. He

displayed a great deal of respect and favour for Daniel; in fact, he wanted Daniel to rule the entire kingdom. Naturally, many of the king’s subjects were upset by the favour Daniel received. Moreover, many people in the kingdom were already jealous of Daniel because of his high position within the kingdom as he was only a captive from Judah. The combination of his status within the kingdom and his status as a captive was too much. Therefore, the people of King Darius’ kingdom developed a clever plan to get rid of Daniel once and for all.

When the decree was issued that no one could pray to any god or man except to the king for 30 days, Daniel prayed consistently 3 times a day to the One true God, knowing that the punishment was getting thrown into a den full of lions. And he was thrown into the den after being caught by the schemers. (Daniel 6:10-16) Daniel did not fear man or death. He was completely devoted to God.

Telling the Story

  1. Read the story from a children’s Bible.

  2. A few online options include:

  3. This is the Veggie Tales story of Daniel. It is 27:23 minutes long. This telling of the story is animated as well. It is just under 12 minutes in length. A good option for older children. It uses a sort of superhero theme.

Attached story option to read.

Download PDF • 169KB

Craft Time

LION CRAFT FROM CUPCAKE LINERS Supplies you will need:

  • 1 standard-sized yellow cupcake liner

  • 1 standard-sized orange cupcake liner

  • 1 yellow mini cupcake liner

  • small piece of yellow card stock paper or construction paper (for legs and tail)

  • small piece of brown card stock paper or construction paper (for nose and end of tail)

  • 2 googly eyes

  • black marker

  • scissors

  • glue stick

  • school glue

Directions: 1. Start by flattening out all of your cupcake liners. Cut small slits around the perimeter of the orange cupcake liner.

2. Use your glue stick to glue down your cupcake liners. Glue your large yellow one for the lion body first, then your orange liner next to the body and then the small yellow liner on top of the orange liner for the lion face.

3. Cut four small strips from your yellow paper for legs and one small strip for a tail. Glue them onto your lion. Also cut a small tear drop shape from your brown paper and glue it at the end of your tail.

4. Finish your lion by gluing on two googly eyes, a nose cut from your brown paper, and draw on a mouth and dot whiskers with your black marker.

Lion Origami There are two options to print. One has Bible verses included and the other is blank. Instructions: 1. Colour the print out. 2. Cut out the square. 3. Fold the square in half to form a rectangle. 4. Fold the rectangle in half again.

Download PDF • 4.07MB

Download PDF • 2.92MB

A Game to Play

God Commands One game that illustrates this lesson is a variation on the game “Simon Says.” In this version, one child should be God and should give commands like, “Sit down,” “Stand up,” or “Jump on the spot.” The other children must follow this command only if the sentence begins with, “God commands you to...” If the children do something that God did not command, they are out.

See also the attached word search for the story

DLTK's Template Printing
Download PDF • 103KB

Snack Time Ingredients: 1 slice cheddar cheese 1 piece sliced ham 1 tortilla 1 baby carrot 3 cheerios 1 black bean a strawberry a blueberry

Directions: 1. Slice the cheese into thin sticks for legs, one square for lion’s head, and body and tail shape as shown.

2. Slice some small triangles into remaining section for Daniel’s hair. Fold the sliced ham into a rollup, then slice thin sections and lay around the lion’s head as shown to look like a mane.

3. Use remaining ham for Daniel’s face. Slice a black bean in half and use for Daniel’s eyes along with a half of a Cheerio.

4. Place head atop a body made of carrot sticks and a tortilla.

5. Add cheerios, strawberry bit, and blueberry sections as shown for lion’s face.

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