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Great Moments of Discovering How Jesus Works Through Us. 

Bible Zone  2023

Each week our campers have an opportunity to explore and learn many different stories from the Bible. They are shared at the beginning of our day with one of the Ministers from our four sponsoring churches. They are then further explored throughout the camp day in various activities. By the end of the summer our hope is that the campers begin to understand the tremendous impact these stories had on those first followers and how it continues to today. 

Session One , Week One (July 4-7 [Canada Holiday July 3) 


Theme: A Tiny Bit O’ Talent

Ruth, a Talent for Befriending 

Miriam Loved to Sing 

Session One, Week Two (July 10-14)


Theme: A Tiny Bit O’ Talent

Moses Called to Be A Light 

Bezalel Uses His Talent to Create 

We Have Talents to Use 



Session Two, Week One (July 17-21) 

Theme: Submerged - God See’s What’s on the Inside 


Jesus Saw Zacchaeus

Jesus Saw the Woman at the Well

Jesus Saw Nicodemus 


Session Two, Week Two (July 24-28)

Theme: Submerged - God See’s What’s on the Inside


Jesus Saw a Blind Man 

Jesus Saw the Children 

God Saw Gideon’s abilities 



Session Three, Week One (July 31-4) 

Theme: Gone Fishin’


Fishing for Love - Baby Moses 

Hocked on God - Young Samuel

Casting our Nets - Fishing for People 



Session Three, Week Two (August 7-11 [August 7 Holiday]) 

Theme: Gone Fishin’


Sailing Away - Noah Trusted God 

Basket Full of Fish - God Provides for 5000 



Session Four, Week One (August 14-18)

Theme: Bible Discovery Museum 


The Hall of Forgiveness - Joseph’s Coat of Many Colours 

The Hall of Faithfulness - Daniel and the Lion’s Den 

The Hall of Generosity - The Widow’s Giving 



Session Four, Week Two (August 22-25)

Theme: Bible Discovery Museum


The Hall of Kindness - Four Friends Help Out 

The Hall of Love - Mary Anoints Jesus’ Feet 

The Hall of Discovery - Discovering Our Gifts 

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