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Our Leaders Sharing Their Gifts and Talents. 

Our Team for 2023!

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Hello Summer 2023! My name is Megan or “Waffles” at camp. I am excited to be your Co Director of Footprints Summer Day Camp this year! I am responsible for all camp planning, including arts & crafts, off-site activities, Bible Zone and much more! I have recently graduated from Carleton University with my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. I will be brining all my university experience from orientation "frosh” week over the years! My hobbies are doing yoga, going camping and taking nature walks. I hope to share my excitement for the planet and keeping our environment healthy with everyone this summer!

Hello Footprints! I’m Jiachen aka “Jello”. I am thrilled to be your Co Director at Footprints Summer Day Camp this year! I am going into my third year at York University, studying in biomedical science and hopefully working in the medical field in the future. I’ve been at Footprints ever since I was little, and have been here also as an L.I.T and also Counselor last year. I am excited for this year of Footprints and hopefully can bring that excitement to everyone this summer. We have some big plans for this summer and hope we can share the experience with everyone!


Hi my name is Flurry, I’ve been attending Footprints since 2013. I’ve been a camper, LIT and now counselor since then. Camp has always been the highlight of my summers, with my most cherished memories from it. I am most excited to catch up with all the campers again!

I’m Butters and I’m a cat person. I’ve been doing karate for over 10 years and I do it competitively too! I was an LIT last year, but I was never a camper. I am so excited to go on all of our trips and see new and old campers :)

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