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How do I get the early bird rate? In order to get the “early bird registration discount” the camp must receive full fees by May 31, 2023. 


Do you offer any kind of discounts or special rates? Yes, we offer $25 discounts for all siblings in a family. We offer a discount for a week containing a statutory holiday of $25.    


Can I register for just one week? Yes, you may register for a single week. There are no discounts available for these weeks unless it falls on a statutory holiday. 


Can I register for two weeks by splitting them over two sessions? Yes, they would be billed the same as a session. 


Do you provide financial assistance?   Yes, we offer assistance. Please contact the Camp Administrator for more information.


How will I know you have received my registration? Upon receipt of your registration form you will be sent a confirmation email. 

What if I need to cancel? A refund of all but the $25 non refundable registration fee will be returned to you if a cancellation is made.

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