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Water Balloon Baseball, Target Practice and More

What You Need:

Water balloons – LOTS of pre-filled

Plastic bat

Water gun – large, pre-filled or Water squirter & bucket of water

4 Hula hoops (or other items for bases)

Set Up: 1. Set up the playing field as a standard baseball field using Hula Hoops as bases. 2. Place a bucket of pre-filled water balloons on the “pitcher’s mound”. 3. One person is designated pitcher and stands on the “pitcher’s mound”. 4. Another person or 2 stand in the outfield with water squirters & buckets of water (for refills) or water guns. 5. Everyone lines up to take turns batting.

How To Play:

1. One person at a time stands at “home plate” to bat.

2. The pitcher pitches water balloons one at a time to the batter.

3. The pitcher throws balloons until the batter hits & breaks one.

4. After the batter hits & breaks a balloon, they run to first base.

5. The pitcher tries to tag them with a water balloon as they run.

6. The pitcher gets one throw per base (one throw from home to 1st, one throw from 1st to 2nd, etc).

7. If the water balloon hits the runner, they are out – If the water balloon misses the runner, they keep running.

8. The runner can choose to run to the next base or stay on the base they are on.

9. As they runner runs the bases, the outfielders squirt them with water (just for added water fun).

10. If the runner gets all the way back to home base w/o being hit by a water balloon, they get a run.


Use the 3 “strikes” and the batter is out rule.

Target Practice

Cut a hole in some pop bottles and strap them your heads. Divide into two groups and have a round of target practice with water guns. Endless hours of fun, and also a great way to get soaked. Which normally wouldn’t be a good thing, but during these hot months, it’s a welcome feeling.

Water Balloon Volleyball

Divide a group into two teams on either side of a line, net, hose etc… Give each team a sheet or towel to toss the water balloon back and forth.

Water Balloon Back-to-Back Race Pairs of kids hold a water balloon between their backs and race to the finish line without popping it. If it pops – they must run back to the start line to retrieve another.

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