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Monkey in the Middle and Disc Golf Games

How to Play It:You try to keep the ball away from one person while throwing it back and forth with your partner. If the person does get the ball, whoever threw it is now the monkey in the middle. No points, no winning, just keeping away.

Disc Golf Games

For a homespun version of disc golf, hang a hoop from a branch or clothesline, then grab a Frisbee and try these spins on the game.

D-I-S-C: The game's the same as H-O-R-S-E in basketball. One player throws a disc through the hoop, then the others have to match that shot or earn a letter; the last one to spell D-I-S-C wins.

Baseball: Set out four bases (cardboard squares work well) with a home plate near the hoop. Players start at home and work around the diamond, shooting from each base. Three "strikes" (misses) and you're out; complete the circuit to earn a run and another turn (with three strikes).

Obstacle Golf: Starting and ending with a disc shot through the hoop, players race to complete a course of challenges (jump rope 25 times, kick a soccer ball into a net, and so on). Keep time; the fastest player wins.

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