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”Full Basket of Fish - God Provides for 5000”

Matthew 14:13-21


In this story Jesus and his disciples cross the Sea of Galilee to retreat to be by themselves. All the Gospels except for John tell us that Jesus had just heard about John the Baptist’s death and had wanted to withdraw to a solitary place. But seclusion was not to be had because the large crowds that had seen Jesus perform healing miracles followed him. They walked around the lake and were waiting when Jesus and the disciples arrived by boat.

Telling the Story

  1. Read the story from a children’s Bible.

  2. A few online options include: This is a 15 minute telling of the story. This is clip is for a younger audience. It is just over 7 minutes long. There is also an attached illustrated version of the story to read.

Craft Time

Instructions 1.Print the template on card stock. It has been included in the pack.

2.Paint a paper plate brown.

3.Color and cut out the fishes, loaves and basket handles.

4. Using brown paper strips creating a weaving pattern on top of the paper plate.

5. Cut off any excess brown construction paper, leaving a perfect circle.

Download PDF • 477KB

6. Glue on the handles, fishes and loaves.

A Game to Play

Get the kids to sit in a circle. Explain that you will say one favourite food and then the next person has to say that food and then add one of their own, and then the next says the 2 previous and then adds go around the circle and try to remember ALL the foods. If you slip’re out.

Download PDF • 886KB

See also the attached word search for the story.

Snack Time Hook, Line & Sinker Create a tasty school of fish to help you tell about Jesus’ miracle in feeding the 5,000.


  • dried apricots

  • mini pretzel twists

  • cream cheese

  • mini chocolate chips

  • 1 plastic sandwich bag Simmer and Sauté

Beforehand, slit one end of the dried apricots. Have the kids insert a mini pretzel twist into each apricot, then pinch the fruit together to hold it in place. Fill a plastic sandwich bag with cream cheese, and snip the corner. Pipe a small dot of cream cheese onto each apricot to create a fisheye; then have kids press a mini chocolate chip into the cream cheese.

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