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Backyard Mud Run

For those of you who like to run and clamber, an obstacle run is perfect. Create an obstacle course with things like tires or hula hoops, hay bales or boxes, string and anything else you have around. Have each person

race and time them with a stopwatch. Add a mud pit (or a kiddie pool of dirt and water) if you can. Prizes can be awarded for the one with the best time, whoever gets muddiest or whoever runs the race in the most entertaining way.

Water Cup Races

This is like the popular carnival game, but you can play it in your own backyard. Set up one string for each player by taping or tying one end to a tree or deck and the opposite end to another solid surface. Create holes in plastic cups with a hole puncher and hang one cup on each string with the open end facing the players. Each player uses a squirt gun to spray water into the cup, trying to be the first one to push it to the end. Play in pairs or one string cup for each player.

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